pixelschubser alias Benjamin Jantzen has worked for nearly 10 years as a media artist and VJ. He initiated the B-Seite, a festival of
visual art and nowculture. In 2009 he founded together with Vj R: A: U: L "Lichtinstallationen.com", a
creative agency for light art and new media.

His unmistakable visual outpourings ooded the greater part of Germany and did not stop at borders. On screens
were those during the previous year Festis Istanbul at the Dogzstar, at Avit Kezmarok (Slovakia), the Visual Berlin
Festival Berlin, the Timewarp in Mannheim, the urban art form in Vienna, Loft Club in Ludwigshafen, the legendary
Rocker 33 in Stuttgart, the Disco Zwei to only to name a few.