Arcon Ultra

In the year 2000 he begins with Djing. 2006 he joined the ELEKTROSMOG RADIO SHOW for the first time and soon gets the editor in chief.
2009 he started organizing the ELEKTROSMOG PARTYs in a pretty unknown place at that time - the Z Club. 2009 he was asked to be the Clubmanager of the Z Club and started to push partys with national bookings such as Oskar Offermann, DJ Goodgroove and a lot of local support.
Today he forms together with his fellow DJ-Friend Morri the Stuttgart based label Elektrosmog. For many years now, he organizes ELEKTROSMOG PARTYs at the best clubs in Stuttgart such as Rocker 33, KimTimJim and Bar Romantica but he is also affected to run his partys in special off locations like a random train depot, Contain`t and hidden places. The monthly Elektrosmog RADIO SHOW on Freies Radio für Stuttgart, 99.2 FM ( is still his ever lasting project.