Stuttgart Electronic Music Festival08. Dez 2018

Line Up

A Free Mind

A FREE MIND IS VJING – TAKE A RIDE . . . Partying at the Clubs and browsing the Record-Shops, Chris hits the Techno Scene in the mid 90s. Flyer Art attracts his interest in Design and inspires early creative Artwork. Training to be a Graphic Artist to the beat of a Club Culture changing at breakneck speed – Record-Covers, Flyers, Magazines: Todayís Trends are out of Style tomorrow thanks to the new forms of Desktop Publishing. He initially focuses on Print Media, working for Event Organizers, Club Owners and DJs. In January 2009 he takes the next Step: He starts VJing to be able to work more creatively in the Scene. His live Performance combines Graphic Elements and Film, 3D-Animation and Typographical Gimmicks – the Visuals are clear, digital and strictly Graphical. Since 2009 he played about 230 Shows all over Europe.

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